About Us

Restaurant Mar Rosso opened way back in July 1996.

Its history begins with an Italian-Eritrean family, Ezio Vivaldo, the father, and Tewolde Haregu, the mother, who decided to "introduce" the people of Torino to African food and culture.

At their side was their eldest son Luca, who was studying hotel and restaurant management back then. He helped to develop the belief of his family: healthy food, cooking on the spot and a menu with a good price/quality ratio.

As all the things do, the restaurant evolved and the two sons are now managing the club, with the ongoing help of their mother Haregu in the kitchen.

Lately, youngest son Neil has joined the kitchen team, with his creativity he has mixed fusion cooking to the traditional food of our roots.

Art, exotic atmosphere, ethnnic wines selection, friendly waiting service and the approach to customers, which is always warm and open, made the club a consistent vibrant point in the nightlife of Torino in the last 14 years.